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Tools for Chronic Pain & Stress

Health coaching with a focus on peace of mind, support and resources for stress and pain management

We live in an increasingly stressful world, and this takes a toll on our minds and bodies. Pain symptoms and other health issues may be triggered or exacerbated by stress, making it harder to function well, make decisions, or experience enjoyment in daily life. Tranquility Coaching focuses on discovering and creating peace of mind—which, in turn, benefits all aspects of your health and life. 

Tranquility Coaching integrates the individualized support and mentoring approach of Health Coaching with a focus on pain and stress management techniques drawn from my integrative bodywork practice. Together we’ll look at relevant areas of your daily life and mindset to uncover patterns that may be holding you back and contributing to stress, pain and health challenges.  You'll learn tools from Acupressure, Brain Gym, Qigong and other modalities to create a self-care practice that enables you to shift into a more relaxed state, feel better and have more ease in your life and health. 

All aspects of our lives are connected. I have found that functional nutrition coaching clients make more progress when we include support for handling stress or emotional challenges. Similarly, chronic pain clients often benefit from taking a look at their diet and lifestyle choices. Food, health, and how we handle stress are individual--there is no formula that works for everyone. As we work together, we'll explore flexible and sustainable ways of making positive changes that nourish your whole life and that you'll be able to maintain and enjoy.  

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