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Qigong & Reiki Remote Treatments

Qigong and Reiki are energy therapies that work with your innate-life force energy (called Qi or Ki) to restore your body’s own healing power and improve your body-mind condition. Qi/Ki is stored in all the cells and organs of the body as well as in the mind. When this energy flows well, we enjoy good health and a sense of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. When energy is stuck or blocked, we cannot function optimally, and may develop disease, pain, or unhealthy emotional states. Qigong Therapy and Reiki help to quiet the mind, calm the nervous system, relieve blockages, and allow for relief of tension, pain and stress and a greater sense of feeling centered and whole.

Qigong has been practiced for over 3000 years in China. Qi is the life force that animates all beings and Gong means cultivation or practice. Qigong is the cultivation of this life force energy.  Reiki originated in Japan in the early 20thcentury. In Japanese, Rei means universal and Ki means life energy. Today’s quantum physics also recognizes the existence of energy fields that connect all life and matter. This is what allows these energy practices to be offered successfully at a distance.  ​

During a distance Qigong or Reiki session, we will first connect by telephone to discuss the goals for the session, and then you will relax in a comfortable location in your home while receiving the energy treatment. After the session you may return to your regular activities. Qigong and Reiki can be practiced safely in conjunction with all other medical and therapeutic treatments, medications or herbal remedies. Adults and children of all ages can benefit (as well as companion animals). 

Both practices are free of dogma or religious beliefs and are appropriate for clients of any background or worldview. They promote universal values such as kindness, benevolence, courage, and compassion, and the experience of inner peace and happiness. 

I also offer individual or group Reiki and Qigong classes for those interested in learning to do these practices for themselves.  I am a Reiki Master Teacher and a certified teacher of Pan Gu Shengong (aka Pan Gu Mystical Qigong), developed by Master Ou Wen Wei. I have also studied extensively with Qigong Master Robert Peng. 

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