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Acupressure for Self-Care

Derived from clinical acupressure, the Seva Stress Release is a simple and effective tool for calming the body, mind and emotions, releasing tension, and managing stress. 

“Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “compassionate service.” The Seva Stress Release technique was originally developed to treat rescue workers and others suffering from the traumatic effects of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It has since been used in diverse settings, including at veterans' hospitals, wellness programs, cancer support groups, college campuses. I have taught Seva Stress Release classes at the VA Hospital, in non-profit and educational settings, and to individuals and small groups. 

In this interactive class, you'll gain a basic understanding of the Chinese medicine energy system and meridian pathways, learn 15 key acupressure points and related body stretches, and learn how to give yourself a complete Seva session. Anyone can do Seva--no special skills or experience are needed. Sessions can be done seated, standing or lying down; we will review how to adjust for physical limitations. We will also discuss various ways to use Seva in daily life for stress management and well-being.    

Seva is helpful for managing stress, chronic pain, sleep issues, fatigue, and other conditions.  Benefits may include: relaxation, stress reduction, better coping with stress, pain relief, better sleep, increased vitality and energy, improved focus and concentration, support for a variety of health issues.

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