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​I want to thank you for starting me on the road to recovery when I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease five years ago. I'm now completely off medication for Graves’ and allergies, and full-time gluten-free, as I focus on taking care of my immune system as part of my daily routine. I have since completed an intensive 2-year graduate program--something I couldn't have done without first getting my immune system under control and having stress-management systems in place! So, THANK YOU! 

--R. Reeves, art director

​The 6 months I spent working with Donna truly changed my life. Years of doctors’ visits and medications were not significantly improving my health problems, and I was scared and frustrated. Donna was a wonderful inspiration to me. She assessed my needs and created a plan of action to ensure that all areas would be addressed. She gave me practical resources as well as emotional and spiritual support to get on the right track for healthy living. I will always be grateful for her tremendous heart and her extraordinary expertise in human wellness.  

--Valerie Payton Newburn, educator

Your one-on-one Seva Stress Release class was just what I needed during Covid-19. With the stress of quarantine, I was having continuous pain, discomfort, and poor sleep. I immediately felt a great deal of relief during our Zoom session. Your instructions were so clear, warm, and easy to understand. The Seva class with you is the best thing I’ve done for myself during this stressful time. Ever grateful to you.

--Irene Walsh, filmmaker/performer

​These treatments help my body and my mind get relief. 

--CT, truck driver & retired teacher

I recommend Donna's highly skilled treatment method wholeheartedly to anyone looking to get to the bottom of a chronic health issue and turn it around. I have gone months without the chronic daily pain from my autoimmune disorder returning. 

--Maureen Wheeler, health coach

​The Seva Stress Release workshop was great! Donna’s knowledge shines through in her clear presentation, and the practical hands-on work helped me really learn the technique. 

  --JR, retired executive 

Donna's nutrition workshops were excellent. I learned to cook better for my children, and made changes to eat better myself. 

--Joselyn Fernandez, parent

The mind-body connection focus of the workshop was an eye opener! I learned so much about myself.  

--PM, retired social worker

I use the Constructive Rest technique you taught me a lot. It puts me right to sleep. Sometimes when I’m doing it at night, I open my eyes and it’s 6:00 in the morning!

--KC, college student 

I want to tell you my back felt so much better after last week's Qigong treatment. My chest cleared up and I didn’t have to lie down for the rest of the day. Since then, I'm feeling much better. 

--MW, telecom technician

After the Brain Gym activities, my shoulder tension is gone. My pain went down a lot! I also love the Qigong self-massage! My whole body feels less tense, and the back of my neck is much less tight. 

--PN, retired paralegal 

Doing Qigong feels like a reset, it helps get me out of my head. It leaves me energized but still relaxed. I feel more in charge of my day now.

-- SLM, massage therapy student

This is a wow! It seems like I'm not doing much but I feel so different, very relaxed. I wasn't aware of how much stress I was holding until we worked together. I feel very lucky to have found you." 

--MAS, paralegal

I feel like my stress levels have been reduced significantly with these sessions. I feel less weight on me and am doing less over-thinking. It is having physical benefits too: I can bend and twist my back more easily."

--AMF, postal employee  

Donna is a terrific teacher! She was so clear and willing to explain things until we understood them. She was patient and kind. 

--Participant in Chakra Tai Chi class

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