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I offer workshops and classes for individuals, groups, schools and organizations. All can be tailored to audiences of any age or constituency. Available online anywhere or in person in the NYC area. ​Let’s discuss your areas of interest. 


Seva Stress Release: Acupressure for Self-Care

Pain & Stress Relief from Qigong and Brain Gym

Chakra Tai Chi Movement Meditation

Pan Gu Shengong Mystical Qigong for Health and Calm

Reiki (Usui style, all levels)

Non-Negotiables for Optimal Health

Debunking Nutrition Myths

Changing Your Relationship with Sugar

Vital Aging

Healthy Cooking & Shopping


VA New York Harbor Healthcare

Karpas Health Information Center of Beth Israel Hospital

Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation of New York

Hitachi Corporation of America

Grand Street Settlement

United Nations Women's Guild

East West Living

Simon's Rock College at Bard

Pratt Institute

Katsky Korins, LLP


Your one-on-one Seva Stress Release class was just what I needed during Covid-19. With the stress of quarantine and the pandemic, I was having continuous pain, discomfort, and poor sleep. Having your expert guidance on how I could release those tensions myself in the comfort of my own home was invaluable. I immediately felt a great deal of relief during our Zoom session. Your instructions were so clear, warm, and easy to understand. The Seva class with you is the best thing I’ve done for myself during this stressful time. Ever grateful to you.

--Irene Walsh, filmmaker, singer, educator

Great instructor. I’m a disabled veteran who has chronic migraines, headaches, and body pain. With Donna's help and the tools she taught me I can have some function in my daily life. 

--PN, Army veteran

What a super nutrition presentation today. We filled the large conference room and were all engaged and excited. Donna was very informative and developed quick rapport with the team. We look forward to another opportunity for her to return.  

--Adam Rosenfeld, Director of Administration, Katsky Korins LLP 

We want to thank you for your wonderful Seva Stress Release workshop! We were all very pleased and relaxed after your program and we all feel we learned something new. 
--Anna Sorenson, Office of International Affairs, Pratt Institute

Classes: Welcome
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