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Getting to the roots of the problem

As a Functional Nutrition Health Coach, my goal is to:

  • understand each client as whole person

  • address the landscape in which health challenges, symptoms or diagnosis have expressed

  • clear the muddy waters to uncover and resolve root causes of health issues—the WHY, not just the WHAT 

  • help each client understand why their challenges may have arisen and how to be in charge of their own health again

  • offer resources for managing the stress and overactivation of the nervous system that results from and also drives chronic illness or pain

  • use my skills to help fill the gap between doctors and patients in our current healthcare paradigm

Many patients (myself included!) have had the frustrating experience of being stuck or lost within our healthcare system—where even the best, most caring physicians don’t have the time or capacity to address the daily life complexity of patients with complicated illness or pain. Doctors speak the language of physiology and body systems, whereas patients speak the language of how to get through every day and manage their symptoms. As a health coach working with a functional approach, I can help to fill that gap. 

Together we will look at both your presenting symptoms and diagnosis (if you have one) and the terrain in which they’ve taken place (your health and life history, diet, lifestyle, stress levels, etc.), in order to find ways to address both the current symptoms and their root causes. If health symptoms are like the branches on a tree, we don’t just want to treat or remove the unhealthy branches (that’s a quick fix at best) —we want to address the health of the roots and the soil they’re growing in, for the ongoing health of the entire tree.  

Functional Nutrition goes beyond dietary theory. It’s rooted in an understanding of what it means to be human -- to have a full life history, emotions, and a body – and that all these elements are intricately connected. I will help you to discover these connections and tease apart the knots that may be disturbing the fabric of your healthy life. 

I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat, but will work with you as both a detective and mentor in uncovering root causes and shifting the terrain of your health by making uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications. I am caring, dedicated, and determined to go the distance with you to improve your health and life. 

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