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Creating maximum wellness while living with autoimmune disease, chronic illness or chronic pain

I am a Certified Health Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist offering functional nutrition & stress/pain management coaching drawn from my 20+ years as an integrative bodywork and energy therapist and health coach. If you are struggling with chronic illness, autoimmunity, inflammation or pain, or have undiagnosed health issues that you need a hand with, contact me for a free 20 minute discovery session to learn more about my services and see if we are a good match to work together. 

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My goal is to provide resources and support for clients of all backgrounds, identities, and life experiences to shift toward greater life balance, vitality, health and wellbeing. All sessions are virtual, so you may work with  me from anywhere in the world.

I treat each client as a whole person, rather than a symptom, pain or illness to be defeated. I believe in connecting with and nurturing, rather than battling against the body. Together we will aim to discover and treat the roots of your health issue, clear the "muddy waters" that may be preventing optimal functioning of the body, and facilitate your own innate healing ability.  

Because complex health situations are stressful, and because stress may further complicate these situations, I also incorporate stress and pain management tools from Qigong, Acupressure, Brain Gym and Reiki into your program to further support your wellness process.  

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Manhattan, New York, NY, USA


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